The Gillespie Filler.

For making sausages and a host of other uses.

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Sausage Filler Gillespie's Filler

Originally designed for the meat trade as a sausage filler and now with an ever expanding list of innovative applications.
Our revolutionary approach to the discharge filler for a wide range of products has led to the design of this uniquely simple water powered filler.

Just load your product through the generously sized, quick remove, lid - replace the lid - hook up a standard, or garden, hose - fit your sausage skins on the nozzle or fit the dispenser gun - turn on the water - turn on the discharge tap and you are making sausages, or dispensing muffin mix, or filling cosmetic jars, or whatever takes your fancy.

This fantastic filler will fill your product and your bank account noiselessly,
without costly motors and mechanical bits that may go wrong!

Some Common Applications -

  • Sausage Meat - Mincemeat - Meat Pastes
  • Brine injector for curing, corning, meats
  • Cosmetics - Creams and Pastes
  • Icing for cakes, cookies and biscuits etc.
  • Pastes
  • Cream - Cream Cheeses - Sour Cream
  • Jams - Spreads
  • Greases - Heavy Oils
  • Honey
  • Vegetable and Mineral Oils
  • Explosives
  • Cake and biscuit mixtures
  • Food Dips
  • Caulking and Sealing compounds

Design Features

  • Two models - 18 litre and 54 litre.

  • Light weight - readily portable for cleaning and storage.

  • Cast aluminium body and lid for rugged, rust free, long life.

  • Stainless steel ball valves for improved flow, ease of use and cleaning

  • Silent operation and very low maintenance.


  • 18 Litre model - complete with accessories - $NZ2200.00

  • 54 Litre model - complete with accessories - $NZ4600.00 (+ GST in NZ)

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
    Accessories included - 3 dispensing nozzles plus inlet and outlet taps.
                                            (special nozzles can be made to order)

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